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Medical Documentation Guidelines

Medical documentation must be provided by a licensed health care professional who has appropriate and comprehensive training, relevant experience, and no personal relationship with the individual being evaluated. A good match between the credentials of the individual making the diagnosis and the condition being reported is expected (e.g., an orthopedic injury might be documented by a physician, but not a licensed psychologist). Medical documentation should be prepared on letterhead, typed, dated, and bear the signature of the evaluator. Please make sure the documentation includes the name, title, contact information, and professional credentials of the evaluator, and the information below supporting the medical withdrawal application:


  • Statement of the medical/psychological condition and how this condition has impacted the student’s ability to complete their courses this semester
  • Relevant dates of treatment, hospitalizations, surgeries, appointments, etc. as well as the approximate last day the student would have been able to attend class
  • Healthcare provider’s recommendation for a medical withdrawal
  • Determination of when the medical/psychological condition will be successfully resolved so that the student can return to function effectively in an academic environment (if prognosis is undetermined, additional documentation can be provided later when the student requests re-enrollment)
  • All medical documentation must be written in English
  • International students must comply with United States federal regulations when submitting medical documentation.  All medical documentation must be submitted by one of the following U.S.-licensed medical practitioners: U.S.-licensed Medical Doctor (MD); U.S.-licensed Doctor of Osteopathy (DO); or U.S.-licensed Clinical Psychologist (CP).


You will need to submit the Auburn Cares Healthcare Provider Release Form to your healthcare provider so that Auburn Cares can receive your medical documentation.

Last modified: June 23, 2023